Claudia Herbst-Tait
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Work & Play

We're working on Monkeybear Press. What's new? We're not asking for 'likes' on any
more becaue affection as currency feels kind of gross. Also, our kids apps don't feature ads.
Our next app is titled Mabelle Knows Platonic Solids.

3D Still Life

Real & Virtual Fibers
N[e]w W[e]ave: 5 Contemporary Weavers
"3D Animation Becomes a Jacquard Weaving," in Fiber Arts Magazine
Computerized Jacquard Weavings

Maya Hair...

3D Modeling/Sculpture

Goose Girl
Lamb Girl
Dance Girls
Bird Girl
Bunny Girl

Giclee prints on canvas


Claudia Herbst-Tait
Professor, Pratt Institute, Department of Digital Arts